short documentary

The short film «Paysan» provides a sincere and touching portrait of two ­farmers: Antoine, a French dairy farmer and Amara, a cocoa producer in ­Ivory Coast. These two men do not know each other. Completely different rural landscapes unfold in the narrative voice as it tells the story of two men who both decided to choose their own development and to respect nature.

Original title : Paysan
English title: Farmer
Cinematographic genre : short documentary
Length : 00:13:00
Shooting format : 4k
Screening formats : 4k DCP 19:9 scope stereo
Rate : 25 fps
Original language: french
Subtitles : english
Production country : Switzerland
Production year : 2018
Copyright © Le Cabinet CréatifAll rights reserved.

Open debat in Switzerland

Projection in Soubré

Small village in Ivory Coast

Competition – Short Shorts Film Festival


Projection in Abijan, Ivory Coast

Debat with the gouvernement